Ukraine’s prosecutors name first suspect in Bucha massacre – he calls it ‘slander’

Sergei Kolotsei

Sergei Kolotsei

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Prosecutors named the suspect, a commander of Russia’s National Guard, or Rosgvardiya, as Sergei Kolotsei.

The law enforcers allege Kolotsei killed four unarmed people in the Ukrainian town of Bucha in March. Several witnesses saw the murder being committed. Later, they identified one of the criminals in a video from the courier service’s office in the Belarusian town of Mazyr, from where the invaders sent home things they had looted in Ukraine.

Kolotsei, in comments to the media, said he was outraged by the publication of his name. He claimed that he was not involved in the killings, and that the allegations were “slander.”

“I don’t serve in the Rosgvardiya, are you crazy?” he said.

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“Then the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office must accuse all those who send parcels to Russia,” Kolotsei said. “Let me remind you that this organization is a post office, where anyone can send a parcel to anyone and anywhere. Before accusing someone of something, establish all the details, otherwise you will be accused of threatening and slandering civilians of other countries.”

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Kolotsei added that he would not contact the Ukrainian authorities over allegations of torture and murder. He called the allegations by Ukrainian prosecutors a “mistake” and “slander.”

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