Someone Is Already Playing Nintendo Switch Sports, And It’s Not Even Out Yet

Switch Sports
Image: Nintendo

It seems every Switch release is leaked in some way or form nowadays, and with this in mind, it’s happened again (well, kind of…) – this time with Nintendo Switch Sports.

Although it’s not due out until later this week, one lucky fan known as “i_can_hear_the_world” on Reddit, has taken to the Nintendo Switch subreddit to share their excitement about receiving the game early in the mail.

At the time of writing, the whole thread, which is currently at the top of the subreddit, has already generated more than 270 comments and 4.6K upvotes. In it, you can see pictures of the game case and Switch game card.

In addition to taking questions about the game on Reddit, the same individual has also posted footage on their YouTube channel SupaDaBloopa – sharing a video going through the six sports available at launch. It’s about 50 minutes in length.

“Earlier, I posted photos of my early copy of Nintendo Switch Sports. Now here’s the video. Check it before Nintendo takes it down.”

“What’s kraken dudes, this is SupaDaBloopa! I got insanely lucky and got Nintendo Switch Sports sent to me four days before its official release date. I feel like Nintendo is going to send out their little ninjas to kidnap me, but hey. C’est la vie, right? Enjoy this early look at Nintendo Switch Sports. If you have any questions regarding the game itself, comment below and I’ll do my best to respond to all of you.”

Obviously, as the game isn’t officially out yet, there’s no playable online multiplayer, so everything on display is local play. The game will also seemingly require a patch on release.

It follows on from someone in April gaining access to a digital copy of Advance Wars: Re-Boot Camp early. When Nintendo found out, it cancelled and refunded the purchase.

Will you be picking up Nintendo Switch Sports when it arrives later this week? Drop a comment down below.

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