Qantas reveals plans for new non-stop international flights to London, New York by end of 2025 with Airbus A350s

Qantas has announced its plans to deliver non-stop flights from Australia’s east coast to Europe and the United States.

The airline will order 12 Airbus A350s capable of flying direct from Sydney to international cities like New York and London by the end of 2025.

The new fleet will be ordered as a part of the company’s Project Sunrise, which aims to cut hours from international journeys.
Boeing B787-900 taking off from Sydney airport.
Aussies will be able to fly from Sydney to Europe and New York direct by the end of 2025. (Qantas Photographer)

The company will also renew its domestic fleet, with orders for 20 Airbus A321XLRs and 20 A220-300s as its Boeing 737s and 717s are gradually retired.

Qantas said customers can expect more direct routes and therefore less total travel time.

“The board’s decision to approve what is the largest aircraft order in Australian aviation is a clear vote of confidence in the future of the Qantas Group,” CEO Alan Joyce said.

“New types of aircraft make new things possible.

“That’s what makes today’s announcement so significant for the national carrier and for a country like Australia where air travel is crucial.”

Qantas has previously said under Project Sunrise, the duration of a flight from Australia to London is expected to be 20 hours and 20 minutes, saving almost four hours.
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Meanwhile, a flight from Australia to New York is expected to be 18 hours, saving about three hours.

The project was put on hold by COVID-19 over the past two years.

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