Province Sees Another Significant Increase in Fuel Prices

Province Sees Another Significant Increase in Fuel Prices

Another significant increase in some fuel prices today pushing many fuel prices well over thresholds many people never thought they’d see, with more increases tomorrow as new carbon tax rates come into effect.

Diesel on the island is up another 17 cents a litre while diesel in Labrador is up by 18 cents. That brings the price of diesel even closer to the $3.00 a litre mark on the island and pushing the price over $3.00 a litre in some parts of Labrador.

Furnace oil is up by close to 15 cents a litre. That brings the price of furnace oil to over $2.00 a litre.

Stove oil has also seen a double-digit increase – 14.62 cents on the island and 15.64 cents in Labrador.

Meanwhile, another increase is expected tomorrow with the introduction of a new carbon tax rate on gasoline and diesel fuels in all parts of the province. Gasoline will see a 2.6 cent a litre increase as of midnight tonight, while diesel will see another increase of 3.1 cents in carbon taxes.

That brings the total carbon tax on gasoline to 11.05 cents per litre, and 13.41 cents for diesel.

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