Keir Starmer confirms police have not contacted him over ‘beergate’

Sir Keir Starmer was asked directly about claims that enough takeaways were ordered for 30 people at the “beergate” gathering. 

The Labour leader refused to be drawn on the number. 

He said: “Let me take that head on. We were I think a few days before the elections last year so four or five days before the elections, that means just like today I am on the road everyday with my team, we are going to different places, soon as I leave here here I am getting on the train to Wakefield, no different this time last year. 

“Across the country, going to areas where we needed to campaign. During the day we were out doing visits, campaigning, going on high streets, knocking on doors where we could. 

“In the evening we are preparing, we are doing all the other things that a team on the go has to do. 

“That included when we were in Durham doing pieces to camera, doing media slots, doing preparation.”

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