Kangaroo Viciously Attacks Golfer On Popular Gold Coast Course

A kangaroo has viciously attacked a 69-year-old woman on a Gold Coast golf course.

Emergency services were called to the Arundel Hills Country Club shortly after 9am on Friday, to reports a roo had kicked and stomped a female golfer.

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The woman was treated by paramedics before being transported to Pindara Private Hospital in a stable condition.

“She had quite significant lacerations to her face, arms and legs, which were sustained after the kangaroo kicked her,” Queensland Ambulance Service Gold Coast operations supervisor Joel McEwan said.

“She’s fallen to the ground and then when she’s been on the ground, she’s been stomped on a number of times.”

The woman was walking down a fairway when the kangaroo approached her and “attacked without warning” then “just stopped and moved away,” McEwan explained.

“The injuries to her jaw sound like the most significant injuries, which may require some stitches, but she’s got some lacerations to her jaw, arms and legs,”

“The patient was quite upset at the scene. Obviously, it was a shock being attacked by quite a large kangaroo,” he said.

A spokesman from the popular golf club said the attack would be investigated.

“Arundel Hills Country Club is deeply saddened by this tragic event and wish for a quick recovery to those involved,” he said.

“This extremely rare and unusual incident will be investigated further by the club, however it is important to remember that the club is also home to wildlife, and we will do our best to ensure our co-existence in the future.”

– Arundel Hills Country Club

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