I’m sick and tired of Madison Cawthorn’s excuses

Madison Cawthorn

Regarding “Rep. Cawthorn found with a loaded gun at Charlotte airport, police say,” (April 27):

Madison Cawthorn continues to make a fool of himself, to take valuable time away from more newsworthy concerns, and to use our hardworking airport security to showcase his latest antics. He offers excuses like “Oops, I didn’t know weapons were not allowed in hand luggage.” When informed he was driving with a revoked license he says, “Oh, is that so?” It’s time to get real about this guy!

Leilani Carter, Raleigh


When Mark Meadows, a leader of the GOP “voter fraud” contingent, is found to have registered to vote in three states, including a fraudulent N.C. registration, and far right anti-LGBT opponent Madison Cawthorn is pictured in the April 24 edition of the N&O dressed in women’s undergarments, dare we mention “hypocrites?

Jim Seitzer, Chapel Hill

Campaign ads

I am so disgusted by these nasty campaign ads. I don’t care if our twice impeached former president thinks a would-be politician is “special.” I don’t care if candidates go to Sunday school. I care about how they stand on the issues affecting North Carolinians. I care if they were raised to know right from wrong, act like an adult, have manners, and can work with others.

We have enough idiots in Congress. We really need campaign reform — and term limits.

Jeannie Inskeep, Raleigh

COVID lessons

I just saw a Kaiser Family Foundation study that estimated at least 234,000 deaths from COVID between June 2021 and March 2022 could have been prevented, and that 24% of all COVID deaths in the U.S. could have been eliminated by the simple act of getting vaccinated. As a good citizen and responsible adult, what a simple thing to do to protect yourself, your family and those around you.

Also, wearing a mask, not because it was required but because it was the responsible act of a good citizen, could have helped save so many.

How can all those who misled, complained and protested these simple acts sleep at night? It’s a hard lesson for those who contributed to the death of a friend, family member or their own.

To be a good citizen in Ukraine you have to pick up a weapon and go to war. Here, a responsible citizen just needed vaccination and a mask.

Douglas Johnson, Durham


I am enraged, sickened and profoundly saddened by Putin’s murder of thousands of innocents in Ukraine. The world stands by and observes and mutters about “sanctions” and depriving oligarchs of money and being unable to help a non-NATO nation. Of course, there is no easy answer; Putin has his evil finger on the nuclear button. For the Ukrainians, Armageddon has arrived. For the rest of the world the genocide in Ukraine is lamentable, a major inconvenience, but thank God it is “not in my back yard. “

Nancy Swisher, Raleigh

Just the facts

Thank you for publishing Thomas Goldsmith’s “Yes, I Am Woke” (April 27 Opinion) to set the record straight on the origin and meaning of “woke” which has been conveniently misused by the radical right as an insult to those who are informed and conscious of the hypocrisy and duplicity that characterizes the right-wing agenda.

Perhaps next the paper can further set the record straight on the concept of “liberal” and that democratic socialism does not mean America’s government will become Marxist. And while you’re at it, please continue to fact-check proclamations made by those from both parties running for office. Just the facts, thank you, so we as voters are able to make informed decisions about the fate of our culture and society that we will leave for our children.

John Dowd, Raleigh

Senior teachers

I’m a high school student at Cary High School and I believe that veteran teachers should be paid more. Teachers haven’t been paid fairly for their work in general, especially when the students can be a real hassle. A salute to those teachers who have chosen to be teachers for the sake of the children, even though they are underpaid. Let’s just hope the State Board of Education members understand how difficult and stressful it is to be a senior teacher.

Jonathan Diaz, Cary

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