Donna Hilsinger is running for mayor

SooToday received the following statement from Donna Hilsinger announcing her intent to run for mayor in the upcoming municipal election.

Currently serving as city councillor for Ward 3, Hilsinger is the third person to throw their hat in the mayor ring, the others being Hilsinger’s fellow Ward 3 councillor Matthew Shoemaker, and former Ward 6 councillor Ozzie Grandinetti.

Donna Hilsinger’s full statement is below:

I am running for Mayor of Sault Ste. Marie.

Sault Ste. Marie has seen so much progress over the past few years. To keep this momentum going, we must continue to work together. We need the right kind of leadership from the mayor’s office.

That leadership means taking good care of the community and the people we love, a willingness to be brave and to stand up for the Sault. This is the approach that has guided my efforts as a Councillor for Ward 3 since 2018. Now, I am asking for your support so I can put that experience to work as your mayor.

My experience in business, in my volunteer work and in politics has made me ready to lead. I have the work ethic to see things through and do what it takes to generate growth in smart and creative ways. These experiences taught me that building something means being part of and giving back to the community we live in.

I am determined to see us grow the Sault into a city that is a magnet for new residents, investment and growth. A city where people want to live because we have opportunities and a wonderful quality of life. A city where people want to invest because it’s a great place to do business. A city people want to visit.

In the coming weeks and months, I look forward to sharing my vision for Sault Ste. Marie, to hearing your hopes and aspirations for our city and what is most important to you.

This morning I’ll be visiting City Hall to make it official.

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