Do politicians even want to revive the Australian dream of home ownership?

Who should we believe?

Last week, former prime minister John Howard said he didn’t “accept” there was a housing crisis in Australia.

But that very day, Anglicare released a report on rental affordability that showed otherwise.

The report found there were barely any rental properties left in Australia that low income households could afford.

And a few weeks earlier, the property group Domain also warned that Australia was facing “a rental crisis.”

“All capital cities are now operating in a landlords’ market, the first time this has happened since Domain records began,” it said.

“The rise in investor activity, as well as overseas migrants who will rent upon arrival, will spiral rental demand further and worsen conditions for tenants.”

Is a rental crisis not a housing crisis?

The ‘Australian dream’ is dead

The problems in Australia’s housing sector have accumulated over decades and metastasised.

In early 2020, the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute released a report that explained how much dynamics had changed since the post-war period.

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